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CAOPA Commitment at our ocean conference 2017 (Malta)

CAOPA commitment at our ocean conference ENG FR

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Entebbe Declaration Women day 2017

“Without women in African artisanal fisheries, there would be no viable artisanal fisheries” statement entebbe – WFD 2017

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(Français) Cérémonie de lancement de la publication

Report Publication launching Ceremony “Voices From African Artisanal Fisheries : Call for an African Year of Artisanal Fishery” Held at Cercle Mess of Officiers-Dakar (March 10th 2016)

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Document : Voices From African Artisanal Fisheries”

After traveling six African Countries,  The CAOPA in collaboration with the REJOPRAO publishes this document below entitled “Voices From African Artisanal Fisheries” Calling for an African Year of Artisanal Fisheries. Download the document (pdf): Voices from african Artisanal Fisheries

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Nouakchott Declaration Women day 2016

Nouakchott Declaration Women day 2016 “A lot of women involved in the fish trade are single parent. For them, fish represents the main and sometimes the only source of income; the survival of the family depends on it”.

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World Fisheries Day 2015

Photo Album of the Celebration World Fisheries Day, Agadir (Morocco) 21, 22 & 23 November 2015

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